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Make your own cone shaped paper hats like birthday hats, clown hats, Santa cone hats, elf hats, witch s hats, and more fun cone hats..Before gluing the edges of the hat together, you will find it helpful especially if you are using heavy cardstock, to roll the template into a cone shape. Unroll the hat. Apply glue or place double sided tape onto the tab area. Bring the hat s opposite side towards the tab, aligning its edge with the tab s dashed line..Part . Making the Cone Hat. Find some poster paper. Draw a half circle on your paper. Cut the half circle out. Roll the half circle into a cone. Staple the bottom edge of the seam. Apply glue or tape along the seam. Add some elastic to make a strap. Consider adding ribbon to tie the hat on..

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    Cone Hat This is our basic tutorial for making cone shaped paper hats like birthday hats, clown hats, witch’s hats, and more fun cone hats. We also have separate instructions for making very tall cone hats like wizard hats and princess cone hats, as well as a printable template with craft instructions for making smaller hats .

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    The template makes a cone with a radius of . inches on A or Letter size paper. If you need a larger cone, have the print out enlarged in a copy center. You can also try making a cone from scratch following our instructions for crafting a basic cone hat . .

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    Draw a pattern on your cone. If you’re making a decorative cone or a party hat, it’s fun to add a pattern. Take your favourite pencil crayons or markers and draw something. Patterns like jagged edges or swirls are best for a cone, but you can also draw words on it..

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    St Birthday Hats Diy Birthday Birthday Ideas Diy Party Hat Template Cone Template Cones De Sorvete Diy Party Hats Printable Templates Free Printable Forward Birthday party hat template made Bubble Guppies hats for her bday.