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The cover letter accompanying your journal submission is your chance to lobby on behalf of your m.cript. The letter is far from just a formality and should be .If you re looking for solid advice on how to write a strong journal submission cover letter that will convince editors to review your research paper .When you submit your article to a journal, you often need to include a cover letter. Save time and download our sample cover letter template..Cover letters. A good cover letter can help to “sell” your m.cript to the journal editor. As well as introducing your work to the editor you can also take this .

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    SUGGESTED COVER LETTER FOR AUTHOR JOURNAL SUBMISSION. Dear [Publisher or Editor name], Enclosed is a m.cript to be considered for publication in _____ [Journal name]. The research reported in this m.cript has been funded through the National Institutes of Health, and, therefore, its publication must comply with the NIH Public Access .

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    A sample cover letter for your next m.cript revision at a peer review journal. This letter is archived at the University of Pennsylvania Humor Page are the answers Cover Letter with M.cript Revision.

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    After the hard work of perfecting your m.cript and selecting a target journal, one more task remains before submission writing a cover letter..

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    A simple cover letter template is a tool meant to guide you. It isn’t a complete cover letter, so you can’t fully depend on it until you make a few changes in the content..