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This[ Non Exclusive] Sales Representative Agreement is made on [AGREEMENT DATE][ the “Effective Date” ] between [REPRESENTATIVE .Sample Foreign Representation Agreement. THIS AGENCY AND DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT the “Agreement” is made as of the ______ day of. ______ .Representative Agreement MedStrong International Corp. and Stuart Graff and Other Business Contracts, Forms and Agreeements..

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    This representation agreement template is suitable for use where a manufacturer or supplier in one country appoints a company in another country to act as its sales agent. Instead of receiving commission, a cost sharing and profit sharing arrangement gives the sales agent a percentage of the profits generated from sales each year..

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    [Non Exclusive ]Sales Representative Agreement. This Sample Products. The Company shall prepare samples for potential customers, No Competing Representation. T he Representative does not currently represent or promote any products or services that compete with the Products. ..

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    Sample Foreign Representation Agreement THIS AGENCY AND DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT the “Agreement” is made as of the _____ day of _____, , by and between ABC Co., a Maryland corporation with its principal place of business at.

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    REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT This is an Agreement for civil legal services and representation between _____, hereafter called the “Legal Representative”, and _____, hereafter called the “Client”. The Client hereby authorizes the Legal Representative, as a volunteer for.