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First and Lasting Impressions One Hour. Networking and Business Related Functions One Hour. Networking With Ease One Hour. Digital Diplomacy One Hour. Meeting Manners One Hour. It s Not Just Lunch, It s Business minutes over a two to three course meal, minutes without a meal..Expert and coach Elaine Swann conducts business etiquette workshops and seminars to help professionals practice proper protocol in the workplace..Emily Post business etiquette training and seminars customized to a client s unique needs and desired outcomes..Outclass the Competition seminars provide the soft skills and knowledge needed Business Card Protocol Techno Communication Etiquette and much more..

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    Business Etiquette Courses Directory. While the use of good business etiquette will not make up for technical knowledge in the workplace, bad manners, poor etiquette, and lack of civility can cost both employees and the organizations for which they work..

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    Business Etiquette Seminars in New York The Most Popular Seminars and Workshops. World Class Business Etiquette Program. Business Dining and Business Networking Seminar in New York City. Body language seminar, micro expressions and hand gestures training..

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    Who benefits from Business Etiquette Seminars? New Hires. Sales Professionals. Leadership and Management Training Programs. Seasoned Professionals .

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    Consider providing an actual formal dinner with multiple courses in your seminar to add fun to the workshop while providing essential business etiquette training..